Air Hose, 15' Rubber, Type Q Nitto Fitting, twist on air chuck

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15’ Straight Rubber Air Hose with a type Q Nitto Japan quick connect air coupling and EZ Twist on air chuck.

This is an excellent alternative to the yellow coil hoses. It’s easy to coil and rated up to 300 psi. The EZ twist on air chuck connects to the schrader tire valve found on almost all tires world wide. This hose is a perfect fit for delivering air to any tire or inflatable. The tire inflator end provides a constant flow of air.

  • EZ twist, continuous flow air chuck, attaches to any Schrader tire valve.
Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part by MasterFlow.
Always wear gloves and eye protection.
Backed by Q Industries guaranteed customer satisfaction policy.
    • Length: 15 Feet
    • Diameter: I.D. / O.D. 5.2mm / 10.8mm
    • Color: Black
    • Type: Straight
    • Material: EPDM
    • Coupling 1: Type Q / Nitto Japan style connector..
    • Coupling 2: Ez Twist air chuck
    • Working Pressure: 150 psi. @ 70°
    • Burst Pressure: 300 psi.
    • Temperature Range: -68°F + 176°F (-20c to +80c)
    • Oil resistance: limited
    • UV Stabilized: No
    • Packaging: Poly Bag

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Francis C. (Houston, US)

    Major upgrade over original hose which failed the first time I needed it after carrying it in camper for a few years

    Alan A. (Port Saint Lucie, US)
    This is a must have big upgrade from original hose

    Like everyone is saying hose is a big upgrade over the cheap yellow hose great price for much better hose

    William S. (Carmel, US)
    Perfect replacement

    Perfect replacement for my coiled one which split. Never liked the coiled one.

    Joe (Columbia, US)

    This hose is a 1000% better than what came with my compressor. not only is it better quality, it will last a lot longer.

    Dennis F. (Santa Clara, US)
    A HIGH-QUALITY REPLACEMENT for Yellow-Coil Types

    After 18+ years of use, the yellow-coiled hose just completely started cracking and disintegrating! HOWEVER, you may notice that many pumps come with 2-different sections of hose ... one "connected to the pump" is BLACK ... the second is yellow-coiled hose ... these 2-hose are connected by either a 'Q' (Japan-type) 5-bearing connector, or possibly an 'M' (non-Japan) 3-bearing connector (BE SURE TO CHECK THIS). NOW the 'Review': GET THIS BLACK HOSE ... after being stored in a cool, shalded area, the yellow hose disintegrated ... without any real outward signs of being "bad"!! So I was glad that it catastrophically disintegrated while using it in the garage and not while on a trip. IMPORTANTLY: The smaller pump-attached BLACK HOSE --> DID NOT crack or suffer in-any-way even though it was in the exact same storage area and the same 'pump-storage-case'!! GO FOR THE 'BLACK HOSE' it's simply higher quality and will be dependable over a much longer time! I am extremely happy with the quality of this replacement for the yellow-coiled original ... the Black is easily stored (15') in the same pump pouch that came with the pump!!!