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My Tire Inflator needs a new air hose

Choose the Original 38" replacement hose or a longer 9' option

 !! Important !! You have to choose the correct style air plug. Click here to see Hose Guide.

Air Hose 16' Coil Type M

Air Hose 16' Coil Type Q

Power Cords

MasterFlow tire inflators are manufactured witAll of our tire inflators are manufactured metric sized power cord.   Following are the specifications of each air compressor and its nearest  American wire gauge (AWG) equivalent.   If you are considering lengthening the power cord. Don't.  

MF-1035 0.80 or 20 AWG

MF-1040 2.0 or 14 AWG

MF-1050 2.0 or 14 AWG

MF-1089 4.0 or 10 AWG