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We test and certify all MasterFlow products. 

All refurbished 12 volt tire inflating system are packed in a new brown box.  Most units are retail returns which were never used or just slightly so.  We guarantee you wont be disappointed or return it to us. You have our word on it.

Tire Inflator, Air Compressor, Air Armor M240 30AMP, 3500 Cu In - Refurbished
SpecialOpsTools Temporary out of stock - were waiting on a shipment $124.99
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Tire Inflator Cyclone MF-1040 15 Amp 2200 cubi. Refurbished
Master Flow $24.99 $59.99
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Twin Cylinder Tire Inflator Diabloww, 45 Amp 5500 cubi Refurbished
Master Flow $129.99
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